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Display Your Collectibles With Shadow Boxes

Posted by Mike Matysik on 10/18/2013
If you own small collectibles, such as coins, figurines, thimbles or other objects of interest, consider displaying them in a shadow box. A shadow box protects your collectibles by keeping them behind glass, and also takes up less space than a glass case or bookshelf. Mount your shadow box on any wall to display and share your favorite collectibles with ease.

A shadow box is similar to a picture frame, but is designed to support and display small objects. There are shadow boxes to fit all types of collectibles, from a tiny coin to a full-sized model train engine. Some shadow boxes contain a single display surface, while others include shelves or small cubes to allow you to display collectibles on multiple levels. 

Choose a shadow box to display a single object, or to provide a home for a variety of collectibles. Some people choose to group their collectibles by type, while others group by theme or prefer a more random, still-life grouping. Try different arrangements of collectibles until you find the one you want.

Mount your shadow box in your living room, in the bedroom or even in the kitchen. A decorative shadow box of seashells adds charm to a guest bathroom, and a shadow box of travel souvenirs provides an interesting conversation piece in a front hallway.

Shadow boxes are excellent ways to protect and display your favorite collectibles. Because the collectibles are encased, they are kept away from dirt, dust, air and other contaminants. Once a year, open up your shadow boxes and dust them thoroughly, to remove any dust particles that slipped through the cracks. Then rearrange your collectibles, and put out a new shadow box display.

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 Display Your Collectibles With Shadow Boxes

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