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Great Display Method for Trains

Posted by Joe P. on 12/19/2013
Youíve invested a lot of time and money into that impressive collection of model trains you own, and you would like to store them out where you can see each one, but you donít want them to be affected by dust and unnecessary handling. The good news is Classy Woods provides the perfect solution to displaying those cherished models that you take such pride in.

With high quality wood thatís been sanded and stained to perfection, all you need is to top it off with a finely crafted acrylic top, with smooth edges and corners for a perfect fit, to seal out harmful elements like dust and prevents the contents from unwelcome handling, unless you choose to allow it.

These display cases are made with your choice of finish: honey oak or cherry, and offer a simple but elegant method of displaying your treasured train collection pieces.

And for your O Gauge locomotive collection they have the perfect display solution for every piece you desire to display, able to accommodate your largest locomotive, and without it being crammed in to fit. All of their display cases come with quality felt underpadding, to provide ample protection for any surface upon which the display rests.

These lovely cases impart a timeless beauty to anything thatís stored inside of them. Because the handsome acrylic top entirely covers the train that is displayed, itís easy to have a full 360 degree view of the model without touching it. Itís oils and unseen dirt that comes from handling that can prematurely erode the fragile finishes of these masterpieces, not to mention accidental drops that can occur when a unit is picked up for better viewing.

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