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How to Properly Display a Flag in Your Home

Posted by Mike Matysik on 10/24/2013
American Flag ImageThe American flag is a symbol of the United States' bravery, unity and freedom. Displaying the flag in your home is a great way to show your patriotism. It is important to recognize flag etiquette rules, which dictate how you need to hang and display the flag to show it proper respect.

Properly displaying a flag inside your home is simpler than displaying it outside because you do not have to worry about keeping it safe from the elements. Nevertheless, you must ensure that the flag hangs with the blue field facing upward. To accomplish this, hang it from a staff that protrudes from your wall. If you want to hang the flag flat against your wall, hang it with the blue field in the top left corner and the stripes extending either downward or to the right. 

If you wish to display more than one flag, the U.S. flag must always be on top. Keep this in mind when purchasing display staffs. When flying flags from two nations, they must be of similar size. It is a violation of the flag code to fly a large flag from another nation and a small U.S. flag.

The flag code also specifies that you must always display it in a lit area. Keep this in mind when choosing a room in which to display your flag. Install a nightlight near the flag to ensure that it remains lit at night.

Displaying the U.S. flag in your home is a great way to show your dedication to your nation and its people. There are many types of flag staffs and mounts available, but not all of them fulfill the requirements of flag code. Consider the size of your flag, the other flags you wish to display and the need for a lit area when shopping for an indoor flag staff.

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