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Tips for Keeping Your Collections Dust-free

Posted by Mike Matysik on 10/24/2013
Collectibles Dust FreeIf you are interested in ensuring that your collectibles retain their value, you must make sure that they stay free of dust and dirt. The first step is to regularly dust shelf and table-bound collectibles, but following a few simple tips is often enough to maximize the time between cleanings.

As dust particles are so small, they are sensitive to electrostatic forces. The next time you do laundry, save your used dryer sheets, then rub them on your collectibles. The sheets' anti-static properties serve to repel dust, lint and similar particles.

Another surprising tip for keeping collections dust-free is to avoid touching them. The oils that reside on your fingers act as a magnet for dust and airborne particles long after you put your collectibles back down, so touch them as little as possible, and wipe them clean when you do.

The simplest way to both keep your collectibles dust-free and ensure a fantastic presentation is to encase them in an acrylic or glass display case. Often, these types of display cases include beautiful stained wood bases made from materials such as honey oak, mahogany or cherry. Felt pads on the bottom of the wooden platform typically protect the tabletop or shelf upon which the case sits. A removable glass or acrylic top provides easy access and protection.

To maintain the appearance and physical condition of your collectibles, you must ensure that they stay clean. Luckily, tips such as those above save you time by maximizing the period between dusting. When the time to clean does arrive, remember to use a light hand with a mechanical duster, avoiding chemical cleaners or solvents.

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